The Dreamer's Retreat

This is a distant dream of ours, but if you don't talk about it then it will never happen. Who knows? Maybe some day someone will read this who just happens to be in a position to help. Stranger things have happened in this funny old world of ours!

One day, we hope to own a nice section of rural land covered in bush, where we can construct a retreat for writers and other creatives to go and enjoy the peace and tranquillity while they work on their next piece. The plan is to have one main house that we can operate Cheeky Kea from, and two or three small units located a good distance from the main house and one another.

Each unit will be fully equipped with cooking facilities, internet, and a bathroom, so that the resident artists don't have to leave except to get groceries. We'll provide them for a token donation to cover the costs for short-term stays of a couple of weeks at a time.

Like I said, long-term dreams. Dreams are free!