A Second Life For Fun & Profit

At some point, we've all dreamed of starting a new life. Well, technology has granted us a way - and it is very aptly named Second Life.


Second Life is a free-to-play virtual reality platform operated by a company called Linden Labs, in which everything is created by other players. It has a real-world economy powered by its own dollar - the Linden Dollar or L$, which can be bought or sold to real world currencies through the platform's powerful array of tools. 

So, you've got a virtual platform where everything is created by other players and a thriving economy. Everyone's first thought is, "Oh man, I'll make stuff and sell it!" And that's a valid decision that might very well turn out to be your golden ticket, but only if you go into it fully armed with the facts.

I have friends who make their entire income off Second Life, but these are people who have spent months or even years learning their craft. Second Life is not easy to learn but it is an option, especially if you're a bit of an introvert, have an interest in gaming, or are generally creative.

There are some things to be aware of, though.

  1. Second Life is an adult-orientated platform and you should expect to be exposed to some kind of adult content. It is a platform run by the players, so... there's no polite way to put it: it's full of smut. You don't have to be involved in the seedier aspects of Second Life but be prepared for accidentally stumbling across it now and then. It should be noted that Second Life can only be accessed in its full potential by people over the age of eighteen. 

  2. While Second Life is technically free-to-play, you should budget some spending money. Think of it like going to the mall: it's free to go there, but it's boring without spending money. I recommend budgeting at least $50.00 USD just to get your avatar looking nice. If you can't afford that, then keep an eye out for freebies - there are lots of them around, and some can be quite good!

  3. You will need a decent computer. You can run the platform on a lower-end computer, but you'll notice a drop in the performance.

  4. You will need a fair degree of technical know-how before you even begin. If you're not a computer person, then you're going to find Second Life to be an exercise in frustration.

Now, let me give you some links and run you through the basics of getting started on Second Life.